Mum caught on CCTV smuggling drug into prison for her son

Holme House Prison.
Holme House Prison.

A mother has been jailed after being caught on CCTV smuggling drugs into prison for her son.

Louise Ryan hoped the package of cannabis would cheer up her son after she heard he had been bullied while an inmate at Holme House prison, near Stockton.

Ryan was caught after prison officers noticed her behaving suspiciously in the prison’s visiting area, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The judge in the case described it as a ‘calculated and deliberate attempt to pass drugs, which you knew was a wrong thing to do’.

The court was told Ryan had previous offences on her record, including for drugs.

“She attended the prison to visit her son,” said Jenny Haigh, prosecuting.

“During the visit she was seen to pass a small package to him, he held it for a short while before tucking it into his shirt.

“The passing of the package was seen on CCTV.

“Ryan told officers she had heard her son had been bullied, and she thought the drugs would cheer him up.

“She said she had hidden the package in her bra, and she knew it was an offence to pass it.”

The package was later found to contain 2.32g of cannabis.

Ryan, 42, of Howard Street, Hartlepool, admitted conveying a listed article into prison on June 28.

The court heard she has 14 previous convictions, including two offences involving drugs.

Andrew Teate, defending, said in mitigation: “There is no suggestion the drugs were expected.

“Ms Ryan took it upon herself to bring them to the prison, possibly thinking the drugs would enable her son to buy friendship.

“It’s clear her thinking skills are not the best, and she would benefit from probation help in that and other areas.

“I’m bound to observe she has been dealt with leniently for many of her offences, although she has been to prison before.

“This offence was always going to be admitted, and Ms Ryan pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

Judge Howard Crowson jailed Ryan for six months.

The judge told her: “In the courts we are well aware the damage drugs do to the smooth running of prisons.

“What may be a low value package outside is worth ten times as much inside.

“This was a calculated and deliberate attempt to pass drugs, which you knew was a wrong thing to do.

“There has been some gaps in your offending, and it may be this sentence will act as a wake up call to you.”

The cannabis was confiscated and will be destroyed.