Mum denied she was going to kill herself

Sheila Bone
Sheila Bone

A SCHIZOPHRENIC mum told nurses she wasn’t going to kill herself because “there was nothing to do it with” just an hour before she was found hanging in her room.

An inquest heard how Sheila Bone, 41, was discovered hanging from a dressing gown cord in her room in Sandwell Park, Hartlepool.

She had been able to lock the door from the inside herself.

Mrs Bone, who had been treated for mental illness at Sandwell Park, in Lancaster Road, for three years, had been let out on leave the day before but returned on the morning of April 10, 2009.

She was said to have suffered a “night of troubles” during the night.

Her husband Raymond Bone, 44, called the unit at noon and told healthcare assistant Julia Oliver his wife had been threatening to kill herself.

Mrs Oliver immediately attended to Mrs Bone, and spent 40 minutes comforting her.

She said she spoke to Mrs Bone at length, and despite initially being very confused, the troubled mum soon settled down and her body language became more welcoming.

She had also been seen in the gardens of the grounds on several occasions that morning, and had some conversations with nursing staff.

Mrs Oliver told Teesside Coroners’ Court: “I asked her if she wanted to sit in the lounge with a hot drink, but she said she was going to have a can of pop and get some sleep because of the difficult previous night.

“I asked her if she had any active plans to kill herself, and she said no, there wasn’t anything to do it with.”

Mrs Oliver then looked around the room in a brief risk assessment, and then told Mrs Bone’s allocated nurse Kelly Murray about the conversation.

Mrs Murray had arranged for nurses to check Mrs Bone on an hourly basis.

Five minutes later, at around 12.50pm, Carl Hill – a healthcare assistant – walked past Mrs Bone’s room, looked through a window, and saw her lying on the bed reading a magazine.

But just 20 minutes later, at around 1.10pm, during a routine check, he noticed something wrong.

He ran up to the window to see Mrs Bone hanging inside the room.

Nurses ran to the room with the unit’s “crash bag” – a piece of equipment designed to rescusitate – and Mrs Bone was given CPR.

As she remained unconscious, a number of nurses waited until paramedics arrived and took her to the University Hospital of North Tees.

Mrs Bone died in hospital 20 days later after never regaining consciousness due to severe brain damage.

The inquest was due to resume today.