Mum ordered £128 worth of takeaways in hate campaign

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A MUM ordered £128 worth of takeaways and sent them to a neighbour’s house during a hate campaign.

Debby Coxon ordered four different takeaways to be delivered to neighbour Donna Louise Lewis’ home after a fallout.

She also called police claiming bottles were being smashed in the street, loud music was being played and a stolen car was on the drive of the home next door.

Peterlee Magistrates’ Court heard the trouble was soon traced to Coxon as she had used her own mobile phone to make the calls.

Prosecuting, Debra Jones said the first call was made to police at 10.15pm on July 11, when a woman claiming to be called Sarah reported the disturbance in Lakeland Drive, Peterlee.

When officers arrived seconds later, Coxon told them which house was causing the problems.

But they found no smashed glass and the car on the drive way was legitimately owned.

When they raised Ms Lewis from her bed, she said no music had been played.

And she mentioned that an order of food from China Delight takeaway had turned up at her door earlier in the night following a hoax call.

Mrs Jones said: “While the officers were taking details, other drivers arrived with orders.

“Police made inquiries and the telephone number given by the same anonymous person.

“They went to speak to the defendant and got no response, but returned a few minutes later and found her at her address.

“She was taken to the police station with her phone and confirmed she had made the calls.

“She said it had started as a prank and was just messing and had given her neighbour’s details.”

Mrs Jones said Ms Lewis said in her statement she “only wants a peaceful and quiet life” and for Coxon to leave her alone.

Coxon, a mother-of-two who lives in Lakeland Drive, admitted four charges of fraud by false representation by ordering the food, the cost which was almost £128.

She also admitted a further charge of harassment without violence, by making malicious calls.

Andrew Blair, mitigating, said Coxon regretted her actions and had made the calls while drunk on vodka and after being “egged on” by friends.

He added the incident took place after the women had a falling out.

Coxon, 26, hopes to move off benefits and into a job with Walkers crisp factory following a contract through an agency.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Bill Brown told her: “You wasted an awful lot of police time, an awful lot of court time and this was all because you were egged on by friends.

“We take the view you are a stupid person and hopefully you will learn from your stupidity.”

She was given a 12-month conditional discharge, and ordered to pay £85 in court costs and compensation for the cost of the food.