Mum puts fire safety tips into practice

A MUM and her 16-month-old daughter safely escaped a fire in their home thanks to safety advice they were given during a Home Fire Safety Visit by Cleveland Fire Brigade.

Mum of one Charlotte Tumilty was visited last year by firefighters who carried out a free check in her home in Duncan Road, Hartlepool.

During the 15 minute check, they ensured working smoke alarms were fitted in the correct positions, gave safety advice tailored to her home and helped make an escape plan in the event of a fire.

It then helped her on April 2 when an electrical fault on her tumble drier led to a fire.

She said: “When the alarm started going off I was in my front room with my 16-month-old child, my brother and a friend. I got up and checked the back of the door with my hand to make sure it wasn’t hot then opened it. As soon as I opened it I could smell smoke so I shut the door, got everyone out and dialled 999.

“Thanks to having the Home Fire Safety Visit last year, I knew exactly what to do and because of the smoke alarms in the house alerting me to the fire, we all got out safely and the fire was quickly extinguished.”

Phil Lancaster, director of community protection at the brigade, said: “This incident just goes to show the importance of having working smoke alarms and knowing what to do in the event of a fire. The outcome could have been tragic if Charlotte had not acted on the advice she was given at the Home Fire Safety Visit.

“I would urge anyone who hasn’t had a Home Fire Safety Visit to contact us to arrange one at their convenience. It might just save their lives too.”

People can arrange a visit by calling (01429) 874063.