Mum’s delight at graveside gift

A DISTRAUGHT mum left devastated after heartless thieves stole items from her baby’s grave said her faith in people has been restored after a generous well-wisher donated an ornament.

Grief-stricken Fay Calvert, 27, last week blasted the thieves who stole a cherished keepsake from her son Craig’s graveside at Hartlepool’s Stranton Cemetery.

It was discovered that the Peter Pan wind chime from America had been stolen the day before what would have been his sixth birthday.

But Fay said her faith has been restored after a mystery man donated a bronze resin ornament, featuring two hands outstretched holding a baby.

The man knocked on her door at home to present the gift after reading about her plight in the Mail.

But Fay said she was so emotional at the gesture she forgot to ask his name – and has now appealed for the man to come forward in order to thank him properly.

An emotional Faye said: “The man was knocking on doors in my street and a friend of mine texted me to say somebody was looking for me.

“I came to the door and he gave it to me.

“I gave him a hug, but I was so emotional that I forgot to get his name.

“He said he had read about the theft in the Mail and that he was really sorry for what had happened and that he wanted to donate something.

“He was lovely and I just want the chance to say thank you properly.”

Little Craig Calvert regularly featured on the pages of the Mail as we followed his fight for health after he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis aged just two months old.

But he lost his brave battle aged seven months on February 17, 2007.

His mum is still struggling to come to terms with his death- and the heartless theft heightened her grief.

Speaking at the time of the theft, Fay said: “It’s horrible.

“I don’t even think heartbroken comes close. How could they so cruel and heartless?”

But Fay, who is full-time mum to nine-year-old Peter and Archie, who turns two in September, said: “It was horrible what happened but things like the donation help restore your faith in people.”

Fay discovered the theft on Tuesday, July 17, at around 2.10pm.

The chime, which cost around £12 and features Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on a grass mound, had only been on the grave for around six weeks.

Police are investigating the incident and asked anyone with information about the theft to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101.

l ARE you the mystery man who donated the gift?

If so, contact the Mail newsdesk on (01429) 239381.