Mum’s plea over lost mobile phone

Phone loss victim Rachel Lee..
Phone loss victim Rachel Lee..

A MUM has made an emotional plea for the return of her mobile phone which contains sentimental pictures of her daughter.

Rachel Lee is offering a reward to anyone who can provide her with information that leads to the return of her Nokia X3 phone.

The 28-year-old, from Ednam Grove, Hartlepool, has been left devastated as the phone contains about 100 pictures of her seven-year-old daughter Paige King, who has learning difficulties and is a pupil at Springwell School in the town.

The full-time mum, who has a partner Agha Gul, 23, said: “I’m totally devastated. The pictures are irreplaceable.

“It’s not so much the phone, I just want the memory card back with the pictures on.  “I wanted to show them to Paige as she grows up. I have told Paige but I don’t think she understands. I think she knew I was upset when it happened.”

Rachel said she lost the phone in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, in the area of Primark, around 2.30pm on Monday.

She added: “The last thing I knew, I had it in my hand.

“I had been to the toilet and said to my sister ‘ring my phone straight away’, but it must have been out of signal because I was just getting a message saying ‘we will send a message to the person’.

“Even if whoever has it doesn’t want to give the phone or the sim card back, I just want the memory card with the pictures on.”

Rachel said she reported the lost phone to the police community support officers who patrol the town centre, as well as Middleton Grange’s information desk.

She has retraced her steps but has had no luck in finding the phone, which is black with red buttons down the side and has a picture of Paige as the screensaver.

Anyone who has information about the phone’s whereabouts can call Rachel on 07783 728641.