Mum’s weight battle for daughter’s big day

Alice Gough (left) with her daughter, Bev Edgcumbe
Alice Gough (left) with her daughter, Bev Edgcumbe
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A DETERMINED mother has begun her fight to lose weight so that she can proudly walk her daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Alice Gough, 53, who lives with her daughter and two grandchildren, has been attending a weight loss class since April last year in her bid to lose enough weight to walk her daughter down the aisle with her head held high.

Her daughter, Beverley Edgcumbe, 33, will be marrying her partner Paul Gowland, 42, who works for a garage door firm, in August after being together for eight years.

Mother-of-three Alice has so far lost over a stone on the weight loss programme and learned enough from the classes to become a trainer herself.

She said: “I’m over the moon when other people achieve their targets and I would love to have that proud feeling when I’m helping others to lose weight.

“I feel so proud of the others already, so it’ll be even better when I’m actually helping them.”

Alice, who lives in the Wingate area, has been out of work as she has been looking after her grandchildren. But now that they are starting nursery, she has been looking for a job and thought the weight loss programme was the perfect opportunity.

She added: “I had considered it a few years ago but I never got around to it.

“I had listened to what the consultants do when I was at the meetings this year and my daughter said, ‘mam, you could do that’.”

Alice has already taken the steps to becoming a consultant at the Wingate Community Centre as she has completed all of her training and passed all of her diplomas.

She said: “I’ve read all the books and done all of the training, I’ve read ‘The Secrets to Success’ and I’m ready to get started now.

“I rely a lot on exercise, I walk my grandchildren to school and nursery and back again and I use the Wii fit a lot which is really good.”

“I haven’t had to cut anything out of my diet, I’ve actually put more into it. I make sure I eat a lot of lean meat and chicken as well as more fruit and vegetables.

“I’ve got the whole family involved which helps a lot as we can all do it together.”

But Alice’s main inspiration is to make sure she is looking trim when Beverley’s big day comes around in August.

The proud mum will not disclose her initial weight, but she said: “I want to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle and be happy with my weight.

“I would really like to be a size that I am proud of by the time the wedding comes around.”

Alice is well on her way to achieving her goal as she has lost almost half of the weight she wants to before the wedding in August.

She added: “I’ve lost a stone and a half so far and I aim to have lost another two and a half by Beverley’s wedding.

“It’s going well so far so I think I should be able to do it.”