Mum saves kids from fire

A QUICK-thinking mum has been praised by firefighters after she rescued her two young children from a house blaze.

She grabbed her three and five-year-olds after her semi-detached home filled with thick smoke during the early hours of this morning.

Flames had spread through the kitchen and made it impossible to get down the stairs but the woman quickly came up with an escape plan.

They made it to a bedroom away from the smoke and threw a mattress out of the window. A neighbour also turned up with a ladder to help.

Firefighters were not sure how the family made it out, whether they jumped or climbed, but have praised their actions.

Laurie Dunn, crew manager at Peterlee Fire Station, said: “She stayed calm and did everything right. She was excellent and made sure that no-one was hurt.

“She kept the family together and came up with a way to get out without panicking.”

Crews prevented the fire from spreading through the house after receiving the call to Market Crescent, in Wingate, at 3.14am.

The cause is under investigation.