Mum thanks ‘mystery’ donor after cemetery theft

Chris Moreland with Fay Calvert and the ornament
Chris Moreland with Fay Calvert and the ornament

A MUM left devastated by the theft of a keepsake from her son’s graveside has been reunited with the mystery man who donated a replacement ornament.

The man was shocked when he read in the Mail how Fay Calvert had a Peter Pan windchime cruelly stolen from the grave of her seven-month old son Craig at Stranton Cemetery last month.

He turned up at Fay’s house, in Bede Grove, Hartlepool, with a beautifully-crafted ornament, but while she was delighted with the gesture, the 27-year-old forgot to ask the man’s name so returned to the Mail for help in tracking him down.

And we managed to get her in touch with Chris Moreland, 49, from Hartlepool, who admitted he was touched after reading Fay’s story.

He said: “It just tugged at my heart strings. Making the casts is a bit of a hobby in my spare time, and it’s just something I felt I had to do. I cast them and then paint them by hand.”

Chris, who works for John Watson’s joiners, in Hartlepool, added: “I saw the second story in the Mail on Friday and I did go back and see her again.

“I also met her mam and dad.

I stayed for a while and we had a nice chat.”

Chris, from the Brierton area of Hartlepool, added: “I made one for my mam’s grave, which is also at Stranton, and I’d have been distraught if anything happened to that.”

Fay, full-time mum to nine-year-old Peter and 18-month-old Archie, said: “He said he had read about the theft in the Mail and that he was really sorry for what had happened and that he wanted to donate something.

“I was really glad he came after seeing the article. It was nice to say this is a man who makes you realise not everyone is horrible.”

Little Craig regularly featured on the pages of the Mail as we followed his fight for health after he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis aged just two months old.

But he lost his brave battle aged seven months on February 17, 2007.

Fay discovered the theft on Tuesday, July 17, at around 2.10pm.

The chime, which cost around £12 and features Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on a grass mound, had only been on the grave for around six weeks.

Police are investigating the incident and asked anyone with information about the theft to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101.