Musical students’s debut release on college’s label

Frontman Lehi Reid and drummer Michael Jordan of Eutony
Frontman Lehi Reid and drummer Michael Jordan of Eutony

Talented students from Hartlepool Sixth Form College are celebrating the release of their debut EP with the help of the college’s own music label.

The Eutony, a duo made up of students Lehi Reid and Michael Jordan, have released their self-titled EP through the college’s label Northern Ruin Records.

Launched by Hartlepool Sixth Form College’s music department, Northern Ruin Records aims to support up-and-coming talent within the college.

The Eutony are among many students who have established themselves as great live performers and recording artists during their time at the college.

Front man Lehi and drummer Michael are inspired by 80s pop music and list The Blue Nile, The 1975 and LANY as their biggest influences. Lehi, 17, from Hartlepool, said: “We’re an indie pop band heavily influenced by 80s pop music. I would describe us as catchy and easy to listen to with a chilled-out vibe, something you would hear on the radio. All we want is for people to enjoy the music and have a good time.”

Andy Power, music teacher at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, said: “The Eutony are a great band to watch as well as listen to; they have a great individual sound. They have a huge ambient sound and carry this off with a mature authority when performing. I wish them every success with their new release.”

College principal Maureen Bunter said: “We have such talented young people at Hartlepool Sixth Form, and Lehi and Michael are no exception. They’re two supremely gifted musicians in their own right, but together they create really special music, that I am sure people will buy and enjoy.”

The release is available on all music platforms. The Eutony’s tracks are also available on Spotify at: