‘My brave little heroine’ – girl, 8, nominated for Pride of Hartlepool award for caring for her poorly mum

AT just eight years old, she is the angel who watches over her mum Terrianne Hall as she battles to cope with a serious form of epilepsy.

If Terrianne, 28, goes into a seizure, the Grange Primary School pupil calmly phones for help, and then watches over her mum until assistance arrives.

Terrianne Hall who has epilepsy has nominated her eight-year-old daughter Abbi for a pride award for the way she looks after her.

Terrianne Hall who has epilepsy has nominated her eight-year-old daughter Abbi for a pride award for the way she looks after her.

She’s even been trained to phone 999 and call an ambulance if needed.

She has the presence of mind to get her three-year-old brother Aaron to a safe place when her mum is unwell, and has memorised the number of her grandmother Carron Legg, 52, who is Terrianne’s carer and lives nearby.

And incredibly, Abbi has been a constant support for her mum since she was just five years old.

Ultra-proud Terrianne told the Hartlepool Mail today: “I know she is scared inside but she puts on a brave face. She is always there for me.”

Terrianne has nominated her daughter for a Pride of Hartlepool award. She told how Abbi is so caring, she prefers to stay at home and make sure mum is okay instead of playing out with her friends.

And recently, she wrote her mum a moving letter to say how much she loved her and would always be by Terrianne’s side.

“She is a winner in my eyes and I am hoping she can win a Child of Courage award in the Pride of Hartlepool competition as well,” said Terrianne, a single mum from the Wynyard Road area of Hartlepool.

Terrianne has had focal epilepsy since 2011. It was diagnosed after the birth of her little boy Aaron.

Symptoms include feeling detached from what is going on around her, twitching fingers or biting her tongue.

And although Terrianne is on medication, she has had two big attacks in the last year alone.

On each occasion, she went into a seizure yet Abbi was there to help.

She calmly moved objects out of her mum’s way so she would not hurt herself. She took her little brother upstairs to safety, and phoned her nana to come and help.

“This is something that even adults find scary,” said Terrianne. “but Abbi knows exactly what to do. She has lived with this since she was five.”

Now Abbi is in the running for an honour in a competition which has already attracted massive interest.

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