Mystery over Darren Waller’s death

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POLICE say they may never know how missing dad Darren Waller died.

Detective Superintendent Gordon Lang said the confirmation that the body found on grassland at Hartlepool’s Central Estate on Wednesday was 36-year-old Darren was a “sad set of circumstance and the saddest conclusion”.

He admitted the area where he was found had been overlooked in the investigation into the dad of three’s disappearance, despite “extensive police searches and professional advice from around the country”.

Det Supt Lang added: “This was the conclusion we desperately didn’t want.

“We were desperate to give Darren’s family the best ending possible.

“That hasn’t been possible in this case.”

Det Supt Lang told a Press conference today there are more tests to be carried out on the body, but added: “It’s entirely possible we may never reach a cause of death, it happens quite frequently.

“As far as we are concerned, this matter is now closed.”

He said Darren’s mother Kath, his ex-wife Lisa Gleaves, 35, and his children were “extremely upset” and they were given an opportunity to go to where Darren had lay to pay their respects before the land was opened up to the public.