Mystery photos: Fresh appeal to reunite 100 lost pictures with their owner

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Mystery still surrounds a set of more than 100 images which were found on the streets of Hartlepool.

And in a fresh appeal, Hartlepool pensioner Ralph Bantoft is calling on town people to help re-unite them with their rightful owner.

We recently told how 73-year-old Ralph first found the images - some possibly dating back around 100 years - blowing down the street on a stormy winter’s night in 1969. .

Ralph rescued as many as he could and then embarked on a mission to find the owner.

But after years of searching, it proved fruitless and the photos only came back to light when Ralph did a recent search of his loft.

Here is another selection of the photos including some which cleartly show a couple in their finery from the early 1900s.

Another shows an excited child on Santa’s knee in the 1960s.

Wedding scenes, a woman and her dog and a toddler at play make up some of the others.

Can you help find the owners?

If you recognise anyone in the photos, email with an explanation of your interest, and include your contact details.