‘Nail in coffin’ for Seaton - claim angry residents

Seaton residents and supporters of the petition against parking charges, on the steps of Hartlepool Civic Centre.
Seaton residents and supporters of the petition against parking charges, on the steps of Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Residents in Hartlepool have responded angrily to news that car parking charges at Seaton Carew will go ahead.

The Mail reported that despite more than 3,500 people signing a petition against the proposal, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee had agreed with the plans for pay and display at the seaside, although on a trial basis.

Between April and October, visitors to the resort will have to pay a minimum of £1 for two hours to park at Coronation Drive, Rocket House and the Coach Park.

While a few people said they didn’t mind the charge, the vast majority of people who commented on Facebook were furious the move had gone ahead, with some saying it would a huge blow for Seaton businesses.

Keith Butler, said: “Seaton will become a ghost town, the chippies will be the first to suffer.”

Therese Allen, said: “It will be the nail in the coffin for poor Seaton. The council have shown their true colours. It ponders the question - was it just done out of spite because Labour don’t have a councillor there?”

Sue Rutherford, added: “They need to help Seaton not kill it off.”

Dave Ryan, said: “Goodbye Seaton. Hartlepool council have just killed an already struggling part of the town. It has nothing to offer anyone so charging parking has just lost the last trade Seaton makes.”

Layne Clarke, said: “Why give another reason not to visit an already struggling tourist spot? They should be injecting money into the place rather than sucking it out of visitors pockets. Parking charges killed the Marina, Seaton is already half dead and this could be the final nail in the coffin.”

Les Lord Wallis, said: “Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Carew.”

William Moore, said: “Well if that’s the case I will not be going to Seaton Carew any more. We go at least once a week for our fish and chips from now on we will go to Seaham.”

Shaun C Rogan, said: “If they want to destroy the last bits of the Seaton Carew economy they are going the right way about it. Total imbeciles who understand nothing about economics nor the business of local government.”

Angela Scott, said: “There will be a charge for people breathing next. The council destroy everything that was once good about Hartlepool.”

Gordon McQueen, said: “Even if we think charges are stupid and counter productive do we want to lose the few good places Seaton has to offer? I will still go and pay to park to support these local businesses. A couple of quid a month is less than most of us spend on chocolate and crisps. We should continue to protest, but not desert the businesses we would miss when they are gone.”