Necklace stolen from around man’s neck

A CONMAN stole a pensioner’s necklace after targeting him in a sickening scam.

The thief first tried to sell a pensioner a fake necklace before stealing the pensioner’s genuine gold one from around his neck.

The 65-year-old victim was walking to the pay and display machine in a town car park when he was approached by the fraudster.

The pensioner turned down an offer to buy a gold ring, but then agreed to give the man 20p for a cigarette.

But the man continued to pester the pensioner, asking him if he wanted to buy a gold necklace for £40.

He put it around the victim’s neck and fastened it, but when he was asked to remove it, he took the genuine gold necklace belonging to the pensioner and left behind the fake necklace he had fastened around the man’s neck.

Police are urging people to be vigilant against this kind of scam, and are asking anyone with any information to come forward.

The fraudster is described as being Asian, aged in his 30s, 6ft tall and with a stocky build.

He is said to be clean shaven, with short dark hair and was wearing a jumper.

The incident took place in the car park next to Yorkshire Bank, in Hartlepool’s York Road at around 1.30pm on Wednesday.

After the scam, the suspect then met up with another man, described as being Asian, and they headed off towards the Central Library, also in York Road.

PC Anthony Wallace, of Hartlepool Police, said: “I would ask members of the public to be vigilant, especially at this time of year, and to be wary of this type of scam.”

Anyone with information should call PC Wallace on (01642) 302110, or ring the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.