Never too late to set sail on a new career

Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox

A NAVY recruit proved it’s never too late to fulfil your dreams after successfully completing his training.

At the age of 33, ambitious Jonathan Cox (right) is set for a life on the ocean wave after finishing a 10-week training course.

 With the first phase of his training complete, Jonathan’s next port of call is HMS Collingwood, in Hampshire.

 He will be trained in the specialist areas of mine warfare, how they operate, how they are used in war and how to dispose of them.

 He will also learn how to detect mines and minefields using mine-hunting sonar and how to launch and operate the remote-controlled mine-disposal vehicle.

Jonathan’s family and friends helped him celebrate his milestone during a passing-out parade at HMS Raleigh.

 The former Shotton Hall school pupil, who worked in a factory before embarking on his Navy career, said: “I joined the Royal Navy to do something different and to see the world.

 “It’s been a hard, but fun 10 weeks, which has given me a great sense of achievement. I want to move up the ranks as quickly as possible.”

 Trainee warfare specialist Jonathan arrived at the Royal Navy training base in Cornwall in February.

 During his basic training, he has been given a thorough induction into the Navy.

 The Royal Navy’s initial naval training course is underpinned by nine core maritime skills, including basic combat skills including survival in the field, with Navy personnel playing a vital role in Afghanistan and other land-based operations.