New 20mph limit for Hartlepool villages

SPEED LIMIT: (left to right) Councillors Ray Wells Brenda Loynes and George Morris in Elwick Village
SPEED LIMIT: (left to right) Councillors Ray Wells Brenda Loynes and George Morris in Elwick Village

COUNCILLORS have expressed their delight after plans were agreed to cut speed limits in various areas including through Elwick.

Hartlepool Borough Council will implement a new 20mph zone through the village, as well as through Dalton Piercy.

A consultation found 84 per cent of Elwick residents backed the plans to cut the speed limit from 30mph.

And that backing is echoed by Rural West ward councillors, Ray Wells, Brenda Loynes and George Morris, all Conservative.

Coun Wells said: “We are delighted that we have managed to bring Elwick and Dalton Piercy in line with Greatham.

“We hope residents will feel more secure in the knowledge that cars will now have to reduce their speed by 10mph and from time to time we will be working with Hartlepool police to ensure that speeds don’t creep back up.”

The new speed limits will cost a total of £3,000 in signage and will also be implemented in Lightfoot Crescent, Mulgrave Road, Tunstall Avenue and Granville Avenue.

The plans to cut the speed limit through Elwick were backed after concerns were raised about vehicles using the village to go to and from the busy A19.

Council officers stressed that the routes through the villages are narrow with bends and inclines at various points.

Coun Loynes added: “I’m really pleased, safety is paramount in the whole town and particularly on the roads through the villages.

“The cut in the speed limit has been a long time coming and we have campaigned long and hard.

“The residents are really pleased to have the plans backed and we are absolutely overjoyed.

“The safety of all of the residents always comes first and it makes sense to cut the speed limit to 20mph and obviously reduces the chances of accidents.”

The consultation found that 89 per cent of Dalton Piercy residents backed the plans.