New baby and wedding joy for parents of tragic Hartlepool toddler Jacob Jenkins

Abigail Wilson with her daughter Lainie Jenkins.
Abigail Wilson with her daughter Lainie Jenkins.

The mum of Hartlepool toddler Jacob Jenkins who choked to death when he was just two has spoken of the family’s new happiness after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Abigail Wilson and David Jenkins endured the unimaginable heartache of losing their little boy when Jacob lost his fight for life in October 2015, five days after choking on a grape in a Pizza Hut.

Abigal and her partner David lost their son Jacob in 2015.

Abigal and her partner David lost their son Jacob in 2015.

But the arrival of baby Lainie has brought some much-deserved joy into their lives again.

And Abigail and David have double reason to celebrate as they are getting married on Saturday.

Abigail, 24, gave birth to Lainie – named after Abigail’s late mum Melanie – on May 18, weighing a healthy 8lb 7oz.

She said: “We have been really strong together but [the loss of Jacob] does take its toll some days, but she is bringing a lot of happiness.

“It is a reason to get up. Before I had her I was struggling and thinking ‘what’s the point of getting up today?’

“It is nice to have someone who needs you and relies on you. She is so like him in the way she acts and looks.

“It’s just like having him back again. I think she has definitely been sent from him. She is gorgeous and amazing.”

Lainie’s arrival was extra special after Abigail previously suffered the miscarriage of a baby boy after 16 weeks.

Abigail, a senior support worker in disabled care, added: “It makes you think I’m not supposed to have children, but she came safe and sound and we are all over the moon.

“Jacob would have loved her. I think what would he be like with her now?”

She added Jacob will forever be in her and David’s hearts, and Lainie will learn all about him and play a part in remembering him on special occasions as she grows up.

“I want him to always be part of the family,” said Abigail.

She and David will also be thinking of him when they tie the knot at Hardwick Hall on Saturday.

They are taking little Lainie and Jacob will be inserted into some pictures later.

On the morning, David, 33, an asbestos remover, will visit Jacob’s cemetery plot, and also attend a balloon release at a memorial football match.

It takes place at English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College when teams of over 40s players will play for the Jacob Jenkins Cup.