New cafe will serve up a treat in community centre

Community centre users can soon enjoy refreshments thanks to a new cafe which opens this week.

 Hartlepool People Centre, which is in Raby Road, will welcome Loll’s community cafe from tomorrow.

 Loll’s cafe is in the expert hands of Laurence and Paul Iley and their new venture is already exciting centre officials.

 Spokesman Lin Craddy explained: “It is in line with the ethos of Hartlepool People Centre.

 “A lot of people come in and ask for a tea or coffee. We can offer this to the community and people can come in. The meals are very reasonable prices.”

 The centre used to have a cafe but a lack of volunteers meant it could not continue.

 But then, Paul and Laurence Iley stepped in and asked if the cafe could open again. Lin added: “We had not had anyone who could take on the cafe. The board of directors talked about it. We had a meeting with them and they seemed very keen.”

 The cafe was re-decorated and an extensive menu was produced. The result, said Lin, was a “collaboration” between Paul and Laurence as well as the People Centre which would open between Mondays and Thursdays, from 9am to 6.30pm.

She added: “We are really excited about it.”