New candidate for big police job

THE second councillor to announce he will run as Labour’s candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner says he will campaign heavily in Hartlepool.

Councillor Sajaad Khan has put himself forward to stand for Labour in the November 15 election for the powerful position with Cleveland Police.

The 31-year-old is based in Middlesbrough, but says he won’t forget other towns in the area, including Hartlepool.

The Gresham ward representative said: “I have been to Hartlepool and spoken to people there. I want to make people feel safer on the streets.

“I want to try and bring companies to invest in the town and if you have a town that suffers from crime that is not going to happen.

“I have spoken to residents and colleagues and feel I have support on the ground. I will be campaigning heavily in Hartlepool.”

Last week, fellow Middlesbrough councillor Barry Coppinger, who represents the Pallister ward, announced he was making a bid for the Labour nomination.

The new Police and Crime Commissioners will replace police authorities.

Police and crime panels will also be made up of councillors from across the districts.

Coun Khan said if he is voted in he will ask all those selected to sit on Cleveland’s panel to forego their allowances.

He said: “I would ask all members who join the panel to not take their allowance.

“If you want to save the force money at this difficult time, don’t claim the allowance and help save up to £60,000.”

Coun Khan added that he would also want to see the location for panel meetings rotated around the districts.

Commissioner’s will have the power to appoint chief constables and to call on them to retire or resign.

Their responsibilities include holding the chief constable to account, securing the maintenance of an efficient and effective force, setting the police precept and budget and producing a police and crime plan.

The police and crime panel will hold the commissioner to account and will also contribute to the policing plan and to the plans for spending on police services.