New high-tech lighting at church

Reverend Janet Burbury from St. Mary Magdalene Church, in Hart Village.
Reverend Janet Burbury from St. Mary Magdalene Church, in Hart Village.

A HISTORIC church has been updated with a new state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting system.

The high-tech installation at St Mary Magdalene Church, in Hart Village, uses just 10 per cent electricity compared to the previous lighting system.

The project has been funded by the church as well as a donation from the National Lottery while a number of local firms also provided materials for the installation.

Parishioners have welcomed the new lighting system, which uses more than 200 LED lamps in the chandeliers around the church.

Bob Johnson, church warden, said: “Whilst being very state-of-the-art, the new lighting system had to blend perfectly with the Grade 1 listed building, and it does exactly that.

“The history of the church dates back to before the Norman Conquest and it houses a large collection of pre-conqest carved sculptures and stone fragments as well as many other historical artefacts.

“The new lighting system will be of great benefit to the many visitors to the church as well as to the congregation.”

The project to install the revolutionary new lighting system was led by Bob and Reverend Janet Burbury following consultations with the Parochial Church Council and the Diocesan Advisory Committee.

Another church warden, Shirley Brown, said everyone involved with the church is delighted with the new system.

Shirley, who lives in Hart Village, said: “The new lighting is absolutely smashing.

“Everyone is really pleased, it saves a lot of electricity and it is completely in keeping with the rest of the historic church.”