New home in store for supermarket boss after £70,000 scratchcard win

Deborah Maddison celebrating today with husband Simon
Deborah Maddison celebrating today with husband Simon

SUPERMARKET boss Deborah Maddison says checking out new houses is now her priority after bagging £70,000 on a lottery scratchcard.

Deborah, from Houghton, County Durham, has been searching for her dream property for more than a year.

Now she and husband Simon have the pick of places to choose after she scooped the top prize on the National Lottery’s Lucky Fortune game.

Deborah, deputy manager of the Co-Op in Easington Colliery, bought a pair of the scratchcards just days before she and Simon headed off on a sunshine break to Spain.

After taking time to check the cards during a work shift, she found out she had won £4 on the first card, jokingly saying: “It’s my lucky day”.

Then, to her amazement, she scratched off the second card to reveal she had hit the jackpot.

“I could see straight away that I’d won,” said Deborah, 43, who was speaking at the Chilton Country Pub, in Fence Houses, after returning from holiday.

“I don’t know how I got through the rest of the shift, but I did somehow.”

After jumping around in the store and telling her colleagues of the win, Deborah called Camelot to verify the win before telling her husband Simon, who works as a bus driver, the good news.

Simon said it will be great for he and his wife, as well as their daughter Amy, 24, to enjoy a taste of the high life.

“Our standard of living can go up now,” said Simon, 46.

“Most of the money will go on the new house and it will make things a lot easier for us because we’ll be debt free, apart from the mortgage.

“Winning £70,000 means we can look at houses we would never have been able to afford before and Deborah is like a kid in a sweet shop at the estate agents”

He added: “Amy’s into horses, so she might want another one now.”

The couple insist they won’t be moving far and intend to stay true to their Houghton roots.

“I’m very picky and we just haven’t been able to find our “forever home”, added Deborah.

“It’s always been my dream to have a lovely new-build property which is modern and ready for us to move into.

“We’ve only been back from our holiday a few days but I’m already lining up lots of viewings as we’d like to be settled by the autumn.”