New hope for cutting smoking rate

Lisa Surtees from Fresh
Lisa Surtees from Fresh

CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed a British Heart Foundation report suggesting UK smoking rates could be reduced has been welcomed by campaigners.

Acting director of Fresh, Lisa Surtees, believes introducing plain packaging on tobacco products could help cut smoking.

She said: “We welcome this new report which shows standardised packs are as unattractive as the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and the diseases like cancer that smoking causes. We are urging the Government to move now on making cigarette packs less attractive to children.”

After a similar policy was introduced in Australia in 2012, smoking rates fell to a record low.

The report revealed just 24 per cent of people noticed the health warnings on tobacco before other aspects such as the branding, compared to 66 per cent in Australia.

A Yougov poll has found 69 per cent of North East adults would support such a move being introduced in the UK.