New hope for music venue

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THE Studio has been given a one-month stay of execution due to the amount of interest shown in the venue.

Trustees of The Studio, in Tower Street, Hartlepool, were due to hand the building’s keys over to administrators Robson Laidler yesterday.

But that meeting, which would have seen the charity officially become a thing of the past after 30 years entertaining the town, has now been postponed for at least a month as members bid to resurrect the venue.

Trustees say there is hope after interest was shown from a range of organisations and charities in either taking the venue over or working alongside the members.

It costs £1,000 a month to run The Studio, which remains closed, and the bank accounts have been frozen.

Phil Swinburne, chairman of the trustees, told the Mail that there has been a lot of interest in recent weeks and trustees have been showing people around the converted 100-year-old Baptist Church.

Mr Swinburne said: “The building is still closed, but we are listening to interested parties and people that either want to be a part of it or take it on.

“It is very encouraging that people still want to be involved and in a way this may have done us a favour as it has raised the profile.

“The situation is a lot more positive than it was a few weeks ago.

“There is still a long way to go, but it is looking far more positive that The Studio could have a future in Hartlepool.

“Instead of losing the building for good, we want to try every avenue possible to try and secure its future.”

He has previously told the Mail that it is important the building does not become a nightclub or shop and that it remains a venue for live music.

A decision was made to close The Studio on Tuesday, April 12, when five full-time staff members lost their jobs.

The announcement was met with shock by people across the town, as reported in the Mail at the time.