New nursing home plans in spotlight

A SITE visit will help decide if permission for a housing company to build a new 80-bed nursing home is granted.

Yuill Homes has submitted plans for outline permission to build the nursing home on agricultural land to the west of Eaglesfield Road, in Hartlepool.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning committee met to discuss the plans but adjourned the application so a site visit could be held before the next meeting in May.

Councillors wanted to take a closer look at the site after concerns were raised about the lack of pavement either side of the proposed development and also the lack of a safe place for people to cross.

Members said residents would have to cross over the road to use the footpath on the other side unless one was built along Eaglesfield Road as part of the development.

Labour councillor Marjorie James said: “I am concerned about the lack of a footpath. Is there a requirement to have a footpath along the side of Eaglesfield Road?”

Planning officers said there was no requirement for a footpath.

Coun James responded: “I find that unacceptable.

“There should be a proper safe footpath for individuals to walk safely along near their domestic dwelling.”

Fellow Labour councillor Pamela Hargreaves added: “I agree 100 per cent with that condition.

“It is not acceptable that we have to ask people to cross over a stretch of road to walk along the path.”

Louise Nicholson, speaking at the meeting on behalf of Yuill Homes, moved to reassure councillors that the firm would be willing to provide a footpath within the boundary of the application.

Ahead of the committee meeting there had been four letters of objection, with concerns about building on agricultural land, an increase in traffic, that there are too many nursing homes already, the negative impact on wildlife and fears that people will park on Eaglesfield Road.

A report to the planning committee said that the access road would open on to Eaglesfield Road, adjacent to Eriskay Walk and an area of open space.

There were no further details about the plans for the nursing home as it is just an outline planning application at this stage.