New performing academy on song

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A SINGING and performing arts teacher is hitting the right notes with her own academy which has had a “thriving” first seven months.

Toni Parker-Harvey has been teaching for nearly 10 years in Hartlepool but decided so go it alone and set up her own school in June last year.

And since Miss Toni’s Academy of Singing and Performing Arts (MTA) opened its doors, the 25-year-old been taken aback and amazed by its success.

The academy, based in Park Road, already boasts more than 60 students and its very first show pulled in an audience of more than 200 people.

And Toni and the hard-working students now have their eyes on a presentation evening in June this year, to celebrate a fantastic first year for the academy.

Toni, who likes in Blakelock Gardens, said: “When I opened my own school I thought it would be really tough to start with but it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself and for my students.

“The school is thriving and I am lucky to have such a lovely group of students and parents.”

Toni holds one-to-one singing classes for people of all ages and abilities as well as various performing arts classes throughout the week.

The school’s first show, held at Owton Manor Social Club, in Wynyard Road, featured one student who was only three at the time.

“Our first show, the first official showcase of MTA talent, was a huge success.”

For more information about the school call Toni on 07772841333 or email