NHS backlash prediction

EASINGTON MP Grahame Morris has predicted that ministers will suffer a “huge public backlash” once the full extent of the Coalition Government’s “agenda” over NHS reforms is made clear.

Mr Morris, a member of the health select committee, said planned outsourcing of treatments was part of a “massive shift towards backdoor privatisation of all public services”.

In a Westminster Hall debate led by the Labour MP on outsourcing to the private sector by government departments, he claimed politicians were in danger of losing control of public services as the influence of business over public policy was set to rise due to Coalition reforms.

He said: “Ordinary people oppose rapid upheaval and fundamental reforms to public services.

“Yet this government has run amok with the NHS and forged ahead with public service ‘reform’ and outsourcing at a breakneck speed.”

He insisted that Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude had exposed the government’s real agenda by saying he wanted to “extend competition in the provision of public services further and faster than ever before” with no bias between public and private sector providers.

Mr Morris predicted that under the coalition public services will become “ever more fragmented, unstable and variable offering short-term and risky employment not by the state but by any fly-by-night private outfit”.