Niramax creates 10 jobs

A HARTLEPOOL firm has branched out and created another 10 jobs.

The Niramax Group, the Hartlepool-based waste management company which boasts a state-of-the-art Refuse Derived Fuel plant (RDF) at its town-based headquarters, has opened a new site in Washington.

The opening of the new custom-built waste transfer station on a brownfield site at Pattinson Industrial Estate, in Washington, is part of a £1.6m investment by Niramax that has created 10 permanent jobs.

Bosses say waste delivered to the site will be sorted and transferred into the sophisticated systems and processes established at Hartlepool to maximise either the recovery and re-use of materials, or the recovery of energy via the RDF plant.

In a second investment the company has also acquired Blaydon Landfill Site from Tarmac.

A spokeswoman for Niramax said: “Niramax is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that focus on the re-cycling and recovery of non-hazardous waste and minimise the use of landfill.

“It has continually expanded and diversified since it launched a tyre recycling operation in Hartlepool more than 10 years ago.”

Niramax specialises in the recovery and re-use of waste materials.

, produces and supplies environmentally-friendly equestrian riding surfaces made from shredded tyres, and is also a UK pioneer of the new generation ‘refuse derived fuel’ plants and has invested more than £3.8m in installing cutting edge, German-made RDF technology at Hartlepool.

The conversion of waste into fuel is a key element of Niramax’s plans for future expansion having already secured an export contract of 100,000 tonnes a year of RDF.

Its annual turnover has grown to £36m.