No ‘cow’ slur from me says MP

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EASINGTON MP Grahame Morris has been caught up in an internet row during a bizarre case of mistaken identity.

The Labour MP has been confused with an Australian politician of the same name who called a female journalist a “cow”.

The outspoken Aussie Grahame Morris, a former Chief of Staff to ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Liberal Party lobbyist, verbally abused reporter Leigh Sales after she questioned the country’s Coalition leader Tony Abbott about a shelved Olympic Dam expansion project.

But Mr Morris’s comment led to the Easington MP’s twitter feed and inbox being bombarded with what he says is an “avalanche” of derogatory comments from people who wrongly believed he was his Australian namesake, with some calling him a “redneck” and “misogynist” and other demeaning names.

Today, Mr Morris told the Hartlepool Mail: “I don’t mind being attacked legitimately and do try and speak up for my constituents and do sometimes lose my temper.

“But it is slightly ironic that I am being attacked for apparently holding very right wing views about women and trade unionists and being mistaken for somebody on the other side of the word who is my mirror image in terms of the views I hold.

“I would prefer if in this case the abuse was re-directed to the rightful source.”

Mr Morris said he had tried to point this out to people and has posted on twitter that he and the Australian Grahame Morris are not one and the same.

He added that he had received a similar onslaught of emails in May when the other Grahame Morris said Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be “kicked to death”.

Mr Morris said the emails regarding the “cow” reference had mainly come from Australian trade unionists, feminists and other concerned Aussies.

One woman emailed Mr Morris to call him a “redneck” and “insecure, lowbrow and unable to be a worthy, professional interviewee”.

Mr Morris, whose website was recently hacked in a separate incident, replied back to the woman, explaining who he was and said he was a “proud, staunch defender of equality and trades unions”.

The woman apologised and replied with the Australian Grahame Morris’ contact details in the hope that he would forward them on to other mistaken people offended by the Liberal’s views.

Mr Morris is not the only UK politician of that name - the representative for Livingston shares the same moniker, albeit with the “Graeme” spelling.