‘No reason’ for hanging death

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A WOMAN returned home and made a shocking discovery that her partner had hanged himself, an inquest heard.

Jeffrey Todd took his own life at his Hartlepool home but a hearing into his death could not find any explanation why.

Mr Todd’s lifeless body was found by his partner Joanne Burniston when she returned from work to Eton Street on the morning of Thursday, February 21.

She had last seen him alive around 24 hours earlier.

The inquest heard Mr Todd, 46, said then that he had “made a mess of things”.

He had recently left his job as a cable puller but had not found a new job.

The hearing was told how Mr Todd and his partner had minor arguments as he would spend around £150 a week on drink and recreational drugs.

But there was nothing about his behaviour to suggest he would do anything to hurt himself and the reason for his death remains a mystery.

Hartlepool coroner Malcolm Donnelly said Mr Todd had taken an irrational course of action for no known reason.

Mr Donnelly said: “People have ups and downs in relationships.

“You don’t expect one party or the other will do themselves harm.

“It really couldn’t have been anticipated.

“There was no observed behaviour which would give anybody concern.”

Mr Todd had no history of mental health problems and the inquest heard that had never previously harmed himself before.

He had spent the previous night watching TV at home and talked about having trouble sleeping.

The inquest found Mr Todd died as a result of hanging.

Police carried out an investigation and found there were no suspicious circumstances leading to the death.

Mr Donnelly recorded a narrative verdict that Mr Todd killed himself for no ascertainable reason.

He said it was not suicide because it was difficult to be certain Mr Todd intended the consequences.

Mr Donnelly added: “This was completely unforeseen and we don’t know the reason why.”