Noise warning issued to hundreds as rail work starts between Hartlepool and Greatham

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RESIDENTS living near a section of train track have been warned to expect noise and dust disruption during a four-month maintenance scheme.

Network Rail has written to hundreds of residents informing them that essential improvement work is taking place on the section of track between Hartlepool and Greatham.

The letter warns residents living in close proximity of the track that the work will be carried out overnight so not to disrupt daytime services, and advises them to keep doors and windows closed “due to dust generated by the machine”.

The work is scheduled to start on Tuesday, November 18, starting at 9pm and running until 7am the following morning.

According to the letter, from Network Rail’s community relations team manager Denise Thompson, the High Output Track Renewal System delivers a high volume of work in a shorter period of time than traditional methods.

The machines which will be used during the project cover 200m of track over a one-hour period and “emit loud noise whilst cleaning the ballast”.

The letter said: “These improvements are a vital aspect of our strategy to provide a safe, reliable and efficient railway fit for the 21st Century.

“For the safety of the trains and those working on the track, maintenance of this type must be carried out whilst passenger trains are not running.

“We also have to do our work, wherever possible, at times that cause the least disruption to train services.

“Unfortunately this means carrying out a lot of our maintenance during the night and sometimes on a Sunday.

“Whilst some noise and disturbance is unavoidable, we do try to make every effort to minimise any unnecessary noise, such as the voices of our workers.

“Those working on site are also briefed on where to park vehicles, the removal of waste materials, official access points and how to avoid any light pollution.”

Once work gets under way, it will take place along various sections of the track two or three times a week.

The work is scheduled to be completed on February 28, 2015.

l Anyone with queries about the scheme once work commences can call a 24-hour hotline on 08457 114141.