Noisy tenant could be out

A NUISANCE neighbour has been ordered to stop his rowdy behaviour or face eviction.

The man, from Laburnum Street, in the Murray Street area of Hartlepool, has been warned he could be turfed out unless he kerbs his behaviour.

Social landlord Endeavour Housing has warned that tenants who spoil the “peaceful” environment for others will not be tolerated.

The organisation has won a court judgement to stop the tenant’s anti-social behaviour.

It came after the resident, who has not been named, was repeatedly asked to stop nuisance and annoyance he was causing for his neighbours.

But after he refused to stop his yobbish behaviour, Endeavour started legal proceedings, backed by neighbourhood police and with support from the community.

Endeavour was granted a four-year suspended possession order, which means the man is now banned from shouting or using abusive language, causing nuisance or distress to neighbours.

He is also banned from asking neighbours for money, cigarettes or to use their telephones or keeping any animals at the property.

Any breach of the order will result in Endeavour making an application to have him evicted.

Endeavour’s housing services manager Sara Herrington said: “We consider it a clear duty to enable all tenants to live free from noise, nuisance and general anti-social behaviour so we take a robust approach when dealing with tenants who have a negative impact on the lives on the wider community.”

Ms Herrington said Endeavour is delighted with the court’s ruling, adding: “We hope this sends a clear message that we are committed to ensuring our tenants can enjoy peace, quiet and security in and around their homes and we will deal vigorously with tenants who cause a significant nuisance.”