'That the North East will get left behind' - you tell us what worries you about Brexit

With less than a year to go until Brexit, we asked you to tell us your biggest concern about our nation's exit from the EU.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 1:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 1:46 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to keep the country united. Picture: PA.

In an online poll, 30% of you voted to say that business and free trade are your biggest worries going forward, followed by immigration (25%), other issues (15%) and health (8%). You can see the results in full below.

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Pete Bogg: "Sadly Joe gullible Public got suckered into some weird utopia based on the 1890s when 'Britannia ruled the waves' - sadly the only bit of the 1890s that we'll experience if Brexit happens is the grinding poverty and disintegration of workers rights."

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Roddy Macpherson: "Whingers and the press still grumbling about the result of a democratic process. It's that attitude that is holding back negotiations."

Kat Berry: "Our economy/health and benefit services declining. Also the far left and far right becoming a lot more worse than what they are now."

John Quinn: "Scaremongers....not a fear, more an irritation. Then a continuous bombardment from those still not accepting the result."

Brenda Bestford: "I don’t think it was done for the reasons stated people were fooled."

Paul Lewis: "People not accepting the result."

Eddie Czestochowski: "That the North East will get left behind, in this London-centric society we live in."

Ernesto Toro: "The places that voted remain, London and more affluent parts, will grow [and] be ok and the leave areas will suffer as they rely on public sector and the benefit system."

Graham Henderson: "This government haven't a clue, they didn't expect it to pass, hence no plans, every independent think thank says we'll be worse off, especially the North East."

Donna Watson: "Best thing we ever did, just hurry up and implement it."

Stanley Stoker: "My concern is we are getting messed around by everyone."

Graham Moyle: "Prices going up. I've already seen ingredient prices going up quite a lot since Brexit."

Anth Ashta: "After Brexit we are all at the mercy of Westmonster and if people think its difficult under the current Tory dictatorship then a post-Brexit Britain will be something akin to a Gulag."

Carol Burton: "No concerns, the sooner we leave the better."

Diane Tucker: "My concern is it going to make it more difficult to be able to bring your partner to the UK even though you are a genuine couple just wanting to spend the rest of your life together being married."

Bryn Mulcahy: "The absolute blatant fact that the negotiations are an utter shambles and Davis and his team are being out thought, out-maneuvered and are out of their depth"