Nuisance neighbour is booted out by housing chiefs after non-stop partying

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A NUISANCE neighbour who plagued residents with non-stop partying has been booted out of his home by no-nonsense housing bosses.

Neil Parker, 37, has left his home in Lewis Grove, in the Rift House area of Hartlepool, following action taken against him for being a noisy neighbour and disturbing the peace and quiet of those living near him.

Housing Hartlepool, part of the Vela Group, has successfully taken action against the persistent anti-social behaviour offender.

Parker was slapped with an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) following a hearing at Hartlepool Country Court.

This ruled that he was not allowed to engage in, or allow others to engage in, conduct that would cause a nuisance and that he was not allowed to have anyone staying in his flat between 10pm-6am.

Police were called to his home amid allegations he breached the order and a hearing was held at Teesside Combined Courts on July 4.

It was agreed that the breach would lie on file if Parker agreed to give up his tenancy and leave the property voluntarily within 28 days.

He vacated his flat on August 1 and under the agreement he has been excluded from the Lewis Grove area.

The peace of neighbour Trevor Stainsby’s home of 17 years was shattered when Parker moved in next door in the block of flats last year.

Today he thanked Housing Hartlepool representatives for ridding the neighbourhood of Parker and his antics.

The unemployed 45-year-old said: “He was having parties every night, having people in and out. It started just before Christmas and just got worse and worse.

“One neighbour got so sick she moved.”

Trevor said Parker’s actions gave him sleepless nights and left him “so angry I was shaking on the spot”.

He added: “He got an ASBI put on him and wasn’t allowed any parties or any people in his house after 10pm, but he just continued to do it.

“The police arrested him because of his breach of the ASBI and Housing Hartlepool gave him two options, either end his tenancy or the police would prosecute him for the breach.

“He was gone by August 1.

“Housing Hartlepool have been brilliant.

“People going through this in other parts of town should be encouraged to seek help.

“You should be able to have your own peace in your own area.”

Libby Griffiths, tenancy relations and enforcement manager at Housing Hartlepool said: “We would like to thank the community for their support.

“This case highlights that successful outcomes can be achieved when a range of agencies and the community work together.

“With the valued help and support of the local community, we were able to secure enough quality evidence to present to the courts.

“Anti-social behaviour, including noisy parties, can affect people’s quality of life and Housing Hartlepool is determined to crackdown on activities that disturb a neighbourhood’s peace and quiet.”

To report any type of anti-social behaviour call (01429) 525252.