Nuisance neighbours locked out of their own home

The house in Browning Street.
The house in Browning Street.

Nuisance neighbours have been locked out of their own home after plaguing their street with problems.

Police shut down the rented house in Easington Colliery after obtaining a court order under new anti-social behaviour legislation.

The house in Browning Street.

The house in Browning Street.

It is only the second time Durham Police have used the new power under section 80 of the Anti-social Behaviour and Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Magistrates granted the order to officers in Peterlee after a string of problems with tenants and visitors at the terraced, three-bedroomed property in Browning Street.

The order prevents anyone entering the premises and it will remain in place until January 31 2016.

After that date the situation will be re-assessed, following discussions between police and the landlord.

Insp Darren Walton said: “The order was sought because of high levels of anti-social behaviour and drug use at that address, by tenants and visitors alike. It was also being visited on a regular basis by a number of our target criminals.

“Their actions were causing intimidation, alarm and distress to law-abiding people in the area. We believe the closure will make a significant, positive difference to those living in Browning Street.”

The penalty for breaching the order is £5,000, 51 weeks imprisonment, or both.
Last week Durham Constabulary put in place its first closure order under the new legislation, when a house in Spennymoor was boarded up after similar complaints.