Nursing team spreads the word about the six Cs

SPREADING THE WORD: From left to right, Claire Wong, Debbie Blackwood and Louise Samuel
SPREADING THE WORD: From left to right, Claire Wong, Debbie Blackwood and Louise Samuel

HEALTH experts from across the country are heading to the North-East for a conference headed by a top team.

And that team is from the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

A nursing team from the Trust will be running a national conference which has an aim of showcasing a set of core NHS staff values which are known as the 6Cs.

A range of expert speakers from across the country will come to the event which is called Care and Compassion I am the patient experience.

The event will be held at Hardwick Hall in Sedgefield on February 5, next year.

They will be there to talk about a set of fundamental NHS staff values which stand for care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment.

The 6Cs was launched by NHS England two years ago. Since that launch, health trusts including North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have signed up and rewritten their organisational strategy around the 6Cs.

The effect of the values has been felt even further than just the trust.

Other health professionals have adopted the 6Cs into their practice across the National Health Service as well as social care.

Over the last few months the trust has had a dedicated nursing team working its way across the trust to spread messages about the 6Cs.

Assistant director for nursing and professional standards Debbie Blackwood and senior nurses for professional standards Claire Wong and Louise Samuel have been leading this campaign.

Claire said: “This conference is open to anyone in the NHS and beyond to come to.”

Claire added: “It will be a fantastic chance to hear about the 6Cs, share learning and hear about how different organisations have helped embed the values of it to improve the patient and staff experience.”

She told how teamwork had made a huge difference in getting the word out.

“As a team we have worked alongside hundreds of staff across the trust, helping promote the message and have been delighted with how this has developed practice,” she said.

But now comes the national event and the importance of it was explained by Claire who said: “The conference is an opportunity for us to focus on how the 6Cs can continue to be taken forward and also share our own experiences of how we as a trust have ensured all our staff understand the values of the 6Cs.”

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