British Pie Week: 12 places to visit for pie in the North East

How will you celebrate British Pie Week?
How will you celebrate British Pie Week?

You came in your hundreds to tell us about the most delicious pies in the region - and we've had the hard job of narrowing down some of the choices.

We're in the midst of British Pie Week, so take a look at our guide to the North East's tastiest pies and pick where you're going for your tea.

Many of you suggested the same places, with the now-closed Maws Pies in Sunderland a firm favourite, while others recommended some little-known hidden gems!

Thanks to the readers for their suggestions - please send us more and we'll add them to the list. Happy pie week!

*Steak and kidney pie from the shop in Park Lane, Sunderland: Ian Barron

*Steak or mince pie from JJ's Pantry, Victoria Road, Washington: Ron Clark

*Hawxbys in Easington Lane: Rebecca Cantwell

*Franklin's in Villette Road, Sunderland: Veronica Knowles

*Taylor's in Darlington: Sue Draper

* Lee's Bakers, Stanhope Road, South Shields: Hayley Mason

*Lamb and mint pie from The French Oven, Newcastle Grainger Market: Lucy Pinckney

*Blackwells Butchers, Norton: Helen Smark

*Mac and Allie's, South Shields: Ashley Fox

*Pork pies from Morrell & Sons, York Road, Hartlpool: Various entries

*Pork and stilton pie from Robert Moore, King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool: Chris Kenny

*Steak pie from Martin W Nowell, Elwick Road, Hartlepool: Various entries