'If Carlsberg built houses' - your views on the future of Hartlepool's 'can house'

Mail readers have reacted to the news that Hartlepool's infamous "can house" on Raby Road is set to be knocked down.

A distinctive feature of the Dyke House area, the home was adorned with thousands of empty cans and bottles by retired bus driver Philip Muspratt.

The house is due to be knocked down.

The house is due to be knocked down.

He died in 2015 - but his memory lived on in the house he loved.

The property is situated in a site off Raby Gardens, where planning permission has been granted to build 64 new homes.

It has now been acquired by housing provider Thirteen, which plans to push on with the second phase of its regeneration scheme for the area,

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The 'can house' on Raby Road.

The 'can house' on Raby Road.

Here's what you had to say on social media:

Maureen Cat Campbell: "About time, it's an eyesore."

Gemma Rhead: "Maybe an eyesore to some, but what about all the derelict buildings in the town the likes of Coasters etc, they're just as bad!"

Carol Burton: "About time, it's a eyesore and it should of been flattened years ago."

The house divided opinion.

The house divided opinion.

Simon White: "If Carlsberg built houses ..."

Nikki Lavender: "It might have been an eyesore but no one complained when it was up and that was a friend's home."

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Stephen Swift: "Each to their own i say but i certainly wouldn't of wanted to live next door or opposite it really if I'm honest.

Leanne Benothman: "It was the man's pride and joy and he enjoyed doing it, why negativity I will never know. If you didn't like it then fair enough, each to their own but it was his passion."

Michelle Dalgleish: "After all the hard work he put into putting the cans on the house, he had it looking really nice, I don't see the point of knocking one house down just to build another there, why not leave it and build round it, there's nothing wrong with it, it's different, and original and I would love to be his next door neighbour, LEAVE THE HOUSE ALONE."

Bryan Littler: "Think you have to think of the neighbours. Wouldn't be happy if I was moving into a redeveloped area and this was left. Wouldn't be too happy if my neighbour started to glue cans on his house."

Sharon Foster: "Phil was a lovely man who [did] something creative with cans and bottles, the house was an eye-catcher not a mess it was his home. RIP Phil you are greatly missed."

Nikki Lavender: "Was better than half the eyesores in Hartlepool."

Susan Leonard: "I'm pleased its being demolished as the council is improving the area by millions of pounds by offering better housing and nicer surroundings to live in.

"It was viewed as an embarrassment and a laughing stock by many people. Not the kind of image we want to impress on to others."

Josh Lobb: "Can’t keep all art forever but doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated in the future. Good to see re-development in the area."