National Biscuit Day: What's the best biscuit?

What's the best biscuit?
What's the best biscuit?

Crumbs! We didn't really need an excuse to have a biscuit with our cuppa today, but now we have one.

It's National Biscuit Day - and in honour of the important (and, we feel, necessary) celebration, we're on the hunt to find the region's favourite biscuit. A survey carried out by YouGov asked more than 1,600 people to declare their favourite biscuit. But we want to know what you think - vote in our poll below.

According to the YouGov results, the humble chocolate digestive is the nation's number one - with its plain-clothed cousin coming second. Ginger biscuits, bourbons and Hobnobs also make up the top five.

Do you agree with the top 10?

Chocolate digestive


Ginger biscuit



Custard cream

Other chocolate biscuit


Chocolate Hobnob