Revealed: The top 10 ways to have a feel-good day

Follow this advice to make sure you feel good this summer. Picture: Shutterstock.
Follow this advice to make sure you feel good this summer. Picture: Shutterstock.

If you want to feel good, wake up early, dance to a bit of Queen and drink more water.

Those are the findings of a study of 2,000 people which examined the best feel-good things for Brits - unearthing the top movies, music and more that are most likely to lift the spirits.

The research, commissioned by Highland Spring to launch its new Feel Good initiative on the benefits of healthy hydration, found that Brits love exercising to make themselves feel better, and a brisk walk with the dog, fitness class or bike ride are some of the top ways to get out and feel good.

Meanwhile, waking up early in the morning can go towards a feel-good day, with 8:30am voted the optimum time to rise on a day off work.

Being outside is crucial to happiness, with respondents saying that sitting in their garden in the sunshine, walking the dog or playing sports would be part of their ideal feel-good day.

The research also found that looking good is part of feeling good and on average we spend 25 minutes making ourselves look our best - although it takes women 11 minutes longer than men.

The survey highlighted the following top 10 ways to have a great day. Do you agree with them?

Let us know your favourite way to relax and feel-good.


1. Sit in the garden in the sun

2. Listen to music

3. Have a good meal

4. Get a good night's sleep

5. Go on holiday

6. Have a drink with friends

7. Sleep in a freshly made bed

8. Hear good news from a loved one

9. Feel the sun on your face

10. Find some money