WATCH: See where Star Wars was filmed in the Lake District

A screen shot from the video, shot by Chris Chapman.
A screen shot from the video, shot by Chris Chapman.

Star Wars may be set in a galaxy far, far away - but in reality the latest blockbuster in the franchise was filmed a little closer to home.

Episode VII - The Force Awakens will hit cinemas later this week, and the blockbuster - which features fan favourites Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill - was filmed in various locations across the world.

And while parts of the Lake District do not exactly scream Hollywood, they were the perfect place for some of the upcoming film's battle scenes, as captured in the trailer.

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The connections were discovered by Colin Bell, a Manchester photographer, who identified some of the area's fells, forests and lakes captured in scenes which will undoubtedly become iconic for Star Wars fans.

In one of the trailer's scenes, Stormtroopers can be seen attacking Derwentwater, while Thirlmere can be spotted in another.

Colin launched a blog explaining which locations were used, and how some of them had been edited for the big screen.
The content of Colin's blog was then put into a video by Chris Chapman. The footage shows moments from the film in comparison with shots of the local area, along with further information about how the shots have been edited or changed.

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