WATCH: Will Wet Head be your family's new favourite game?

Will you play Wet Head?
Will you play Wet Head?

It's the game that's got tongues wagging and heads dripping - but can you see it being a hit?

Wet Head, first seen at this year's UK Toy Fair, is a Russian roulette-inspired game that soaks the losers - and it's tipped to be the sensation of the year!

Players fill the Wet Head helmet with cold water, before placing it on their heads and spinning the top.

With your nerves in tact, you have to answer a question and, if it's wrong, pull out one of the rods. Losers will get an unexpected soaking, and dry players can pass the Wet Head helmet along for the next challenge.

Will you be the next Wet Head? The game will be available from the spring, with a price of £14.99. It is suitable for ages 6 and over.