Wet and windy weather to batter Britain this week with warnings in force

Umbrellas will be needed on Wednesday when a third of a month's rain is expected to fall.
Umbrellas will be needed on Wednesday when a third of a month's rain is expected to fall.

A third of a month's rain is expected to drench parts of the United Kingdom on Wednesday - and while the North East of England may escape the worst of the downpour, parts of the region are subject to a weather warning.

A forecast from the Met Office for Wednesday said that "heavy and often prolonged" rain is expected to affect most parts of western Britain throughout Wednesday, with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales among the worst hit areas.

But Durham and Northumberland currently have a yellow warning for rain in force for the whole of Wednesday, which states: "Rain will be heaviest and most persistent over the higher ground of these regions.

"Gales will accompany this heavy rain, with severe gales likely in some exposed coastal areas. This is an updated warning with some changes to the warning area.

"Please be aware of the potential for moderate levels of disruption in places from both surface water and river flooding."

Amber warnings have been issued in advance of Wednesday for parts of Scotland, with many others places across the UK also covered by yellow warnings for wind and rain.

The warnings will be updated as forecasts develop and Wednesday draws closer, the Met Office has said.

An assessment from the chief forecaster said: "A waving cold front is expected to become slow moving over western Britain during Tuesday night and for much of Wednesday, associated with a strong, moist southwesterly airflow.

"Rainfall accumulations through this period are expected to be widely 20-40 mm, with 80 mm over some higher ground within the area, and the potential for some exposed locations in southwest Scotland to receive 100-150 mm.

"Gusts of 50-60 mph are expected to affect many parts, and 70 mph in some exposed locations."