What would you buy with the £33million lottery jackpot?

The National Lottery.
The National Lottery.

As a couple who have won half of the biggest ever National Lottery jackpot celebrate their win, we look at what they could buy with their half of the money.

The husband and wife, who plan to retire early, are from the Scottish borders and will take home a life-changing cheque for £33,035,323.

But what would you spend the money on?

There are endless luxury items which would undoubtedly grace shopping lists following a big win, but what would you choose to spend first?

Flats in Westminster? Fancy cars? Or just a once-in-a-lifetime trip - hundreds of times over?

Take a look at our list of what the jackpot winners could buy:

1. Twenty-eight £1.18million flats in Westminster, London, the UK's most expensive area.

2. Numerous houses in the UK's cheapest area - 292 homes for £113,000 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

3. They could afford 2,200 £15,000 kitchen makeovers or 6,600 £5,000 bathroom refits for their properties.

4. Not just one Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster, but 156 of them - for £211,000 each.

5. Or 275 £120,000 Audi R8s.

6. If a luxury caravan is their bag, they could buy 1,650 priced at £20,000.

7. Hot tubs just scream of the high life - and the jackpot could buy 3,300 plush £10,000 hot tubs or build 1,320 £25,000 swimming pools.

8. An all-inclusive two-week summer holiday to Florida would be just the ticket - and they could go 6,600 times, based on the price of £5,000 for two people.

9. How about an £80,000 round-the-world cruise in a penthouse suite for 130 nights 412 times.

10. When you're a lottery winner you need to travel in style, so the winnings could purchase a 16-strong fleet of small private jets costing £2million a pop.

11. One 100ft luxury yacht at £20million - with money left over.

12. Blow the lot by staying in the £53,000-a-night Royal Penthouse Suite in the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva for 622 days.

13. Having bags of money doesn't necessarily buy taste - so if the Lotto winners prefer to dine modestly, the winnings could buy 13.3 million McDonald's Happy Meals. Delicious!

14. Football fan? Seasons tickets are well and truly in the bag! You could buy 66,666 Premier tickets for Sunderland, 67,901 season tickets for Newcastle's Platinum Club and 132,000 early bird season tickets for Hartlepool.

15. Frankel, one of the most famous British Thoroughbred horses, had a stud fee of £125,000 in 2013. The winners could buy 264 horses, just like him.

16. Gin is the hip drink of the moment - and half of the £66million could buy 2,200,000 70cl bottles of Gordon's.

17. And the most important thing they could buy? 22 million ice cream cornets, priced at £1.50 each!

The 14-rollover Lotto prize was split between two tickets that had all six winning numbers from Saturday's draw - 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58.

New rules stipulated that once the amount went over £50million it would have been shared between the next tier down of winners if no one matched all six numbers.

On Monday, Lotto operator Camelot confirmed that the holder of one of the winning tickets had still not come forward. They have until July 7 to claim their prize.

So check those tickets!