Who remembers the Fry's Five Centres bar? You've chosen it as your favourite for Chocolate Week

You've voted for your favourite retro chocolate bar!
You've voted for your favourite retro chocolate bar!

Chocolate eaters of the North East have spoken! You've voted for your favourite bygone days bar.

Earlier this week we asked you to vote for your favourite retro chocolate bar. And this year it's the Fry's Five Centres which has come out on top.

The fondant-filled treat - which was available with a combination of orange, raspberry, lime, strawberry, pineapple, coffee and vanilla squares - was on the market for more than 50 years.

It charmed dozens of you, who suggested it as a contender for our Chocolate Week poll, and recalled it as a fond favourite.

At time of writing, the chocolate bar had 55 votes to be crowned the winner - with the Cadbury Spira (the "best tea straw ever", some said) just seven points behind.

More than 350 of you took part in our poll - which saw the poor old Feathermint, the Macintosh's Prise Bar, with raisins and peanuts, come at the bottom.

Other popular choices were the Snow Flake, caramel-filled Golden Cup and the Texan bar.

But don't worry - if only a Fry's chocolate bar will do to satisfy your Chocolate Week cravings, you can still get a Chocolate Cream or Peppermint Cream.