Officers set for Paralympic Games

A POLICE force is set to send officers to the Paralympic Games just weeks after their counterparts returned from the Olympic Games.

A total of 192 officers Cleveland Police were deployed to the capital to ensure the Olympic Games ran safely.

They included officers from the mounted and dog section and their roles varied from security searches to escorting VIPs.

Assistant Chief Constable, Sean White, said: “The force was pleased to be involved in policing the Games and we arranged our mutual aid so that, should any matters arise in Cleveland, we had the appropriate support to deal with any issues.

“It has been fantastic to hear all the stories that those involved have come back with, they truly played a key role in providing a fantastic service, ensuring the Games ran smoothly and without incident and also enjoyed the amazing atmosphere of the Games themselves.”

Cleveland Police will send 11 officers to provide support at the Paralympic Games which start on Wednesday, August 29.