Oliver helps quake appeal

Throston primary school pupil Oliver Wilson pictured with proud aunt Barbara Hogg.
Throston primary school pupil Oliver Wilson pictured with proud aunt Barbara Hogg.

A KIND-HEARTED youngster organised his own fundraising activities to raise money for victims of a devastating earthquake.

Oliver Wilson, eight, set up his own stall in the Lynton Court Retirement Home, in Hartlepool, and also took part in a sponsored silence and one-mile run to raise money for the people who suffered at the through the earthquake in New Zealand.

The Throston Primary School pupil organised all of the activities on his own and raised an impressive £102 for the cause.

The youngster, who lives in Bankston Close, Hartlepool with his parents, Pam and Michael and older brother, Daniel, 18, said: “My Gran lives in Lynton Court and my mum reminded me that they have stalls every year to raise money for charity.

“We had done an assembly talking about the earthquake in New Zealand so I said to my mum I wanted to raise some money for that.

“For the sponsored silence I had to be quiet and not be silly at all for 10 minutes, I thought that was hard.

“I didn’t think I would raise as much as I did though.”

Mark Atkinson, headteacher at Throston Primary School, said he was extremely proud of Oliver’s efforts in raising money for the cause.

He said: “We had spoken about the earthquake in our assembly and looked at the awful situation primary schools in New Zealand had found themselves in.

“I was absolutely over the moon when I found out that Oliver had gone away and organised a stall and fundraising activities on his own to help the cause.

“It was a fantastic effort from him, he has done himself and the school proud.”

The killer earthquake struck New Zealand in February this year causing widespread damage and taking more than 150 lives.

The quake was measured at a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale.