One-legged man jailed over two-hour roof-top stand-off

A drunken man barricaded himself in a house and hurled abuse at police called to deal with him.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 4:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 11:11 am
The roof-top incident happened in Eton Street, Hartlepool.
The roof-top incident happened in Eton Street, Hartlepool.

Michael Casey later moved to the roof of the property in Hartlepool and threw tiles from it into the back lane.

Casey, who has more than 200 previous convictions on his record, became enraged because police arrived for what he believed was the 'wrong reason', Teesside Crown Court heard.

Michael Casey.

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"Police received a report of two men hurling items from a first floor window," said Rachel Masters, prosecuting.

"When officers arrived they found this defendant and his father hanging out of the window, shouting, and throwing things from inside.

"What followed was a stand-off that lasted more than two hours.

"The inside of the property in Eton Street was trashed, and items thrown included a window frame which was ripped from its mountings.

"At one stage Casey made his way to the roof and threw tiles from it, causing its partial collapse.

"The damage caused to the house cost about £12,000 to repair."

The court heard Casey was arrested and bailed, but arrested again six months later for carrying a knife in public.

"Police received a report of a man with a knife outside a Carlton bingo club," said Ms Masters.

"Officers arrived and asked Casey if he had anything he should not.

"He said he had a knife in his pocket which he had recently found in the street.

"He said his plan was to put it in a bin when he passed one.

"That offence was his third for carrying a bladed article, so it carries a mandatory minimum of six months in prison."

Casey, 37, of South Gate, Hartlepool, admitted affray and criminal damage on August 13, last year.

He denied possessing a bladed article on February 27, this year, but was convicted after a trial at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Matthew Collins, defending, said in mitigation: "There had been a burglary at the house in Hartlepool.

"Mr Casey's father, with whom he has a close relationship, was injured earlier that day.

"As far as Mr Casey was concerned, the police turning up to arrest him was not the correct course of action.

"Mr Casey does have some personal difficulties.

"He has a prosthetic leg following an amputation which causes him physical pain, and mental difficulties in terms of confidence.

"Custody is inevitable, but prison will be harder on Mr Casey than it will be on an able-bodied prisoner.

"He has been inside before, and he has been bullied inside before."

Judge Peter Armstrong jailed Casey for six months,

The judge told him: "You have a substantial record, mainly for offences of a nuisance value.

"No doubt drink played a part in the stand-off with the police.

"I take into account the total overall sentence for these offences, and the fact that a prison sentence may be harder for you to carry out due to your personal circumstances."