One of Angela Wrightson’s teenage killers ‘ran away and roamed the streets’, report reveals

A children’s home looking after one of Angela Wrightson’s killers was unable to stop her from running away and roaming the streets at all hours, it has emerged.

A report into the girl, referred to by the pseudonym Olivia, who was just 14 at the time, said she regularly went off from the home.

Flowers left at the house where Angela Wrightson was murdered.

Flowers left at the house where Angela Wrightson was murdered.

But it was unable to stop her, it said.

The report stated: “Olivia was reported missing to the police on a number of occasions, and she was brought home.

“The police were frustrated that she would often just leave the home again immediately.

“The children’s home had no powers to stop her but made sure they met with her after each incident to explore how the running away could be addressed in line with current policies and procedures.”

Angela Wrightson, who died in 2014.

Angela Wrightson, who died in 2014.

She and the younger girl, referred to as Yasmine (not her real name), did not leave Angela’s home in Stephen Street until about 4.20am on December 9, 2014, after subjecting her to a five-hour ordeal.

They then rang the police asking to be collected.

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Dave Pickard, chairman of the Hartlepool Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), said yesterday homes were not allowed to lock doors.

Dave Pickard Chair of the Hartlepool Safeguarding Children's Board talking during the Serious Case Review.

Dave Pickard Chair of the Hartlepool Safeguarding Children's Board talking during the Serious Case Review.

“As a parent, in your own home, you could probably within reason, stop a child leaving,” he said.

“Guidance in children’s homes is different, so you try to alter the behaviour of the child, to prevent them from doing so.”

Teenage killers sentenced to 15 years for ‘cowardly attack’

The two girls responsible for Angela Wrightson’s shocking death are now serving 15 years in custody after being found guilty of her murder.

A Snapchat image that was sent by one of the girls after Angela Wrightson was beaten to death.

A Snapchat image that was sent by one of the girls after Angela Wrightson was beaten to death.

Their trial at Leeds Crown Court laid bare the horrific nature of the attack which shocked the town and country.

Angela, who was 39, was found half-naked in her blood-splattered home with in excess of 100 injuries.

She weighed just over six stone at the time of her death.

Leeds Crown Court heard she was set upon with a variety of weapons over several hours, including a TV, a computer printer, a table and a stick laced with screws.

Shards of glass and small pieces of gravel or grit were strewn around the house and ash from burnt paper had been put into Angela’s ear.

The two girls had visited her on a number of occasions as she would buy them alcohol and cigarettes.

But care chiefs yesterday said it was not known the two girls were among those Angela had complained were tormenting her.

Sentencing the pair, Mr Justice Globe said: “It was an attack that included gratuitous degradation.”

The judge said the teenagers acted in tandem in “a cowardly attack”.

He said: “This was a sustained attack over a long period of time carried out with weapons in many different ways.

“She undoubtedly suffered considerably, both mentally and physically, before she ultimately lost consciousness and died.

“Her alcoholic state, considerable though it was, may have numbed the pain but I stress the word may and it most certainly would not have taken it away.”

Angela ‘targeted by young people and adults’ at her own home

Mental health workers tried to help Angela to get specialist care away from bad influences in Hartlepool two years before her murder.

A review into the handling of her care prior to her death, said efforts were made to secure a placement in Bradford in April 2012.

The report said: “It was considered important that the placement be outside Hartlepool away from influences there.”

Angela agreed in principle and a date for her to go there was agreed.

But a few days before she was due to leave, the place fell through as local health commissioners said they were no longer using Bradford.

Another placement locally was offered to her later, but by then she was unable to commit to it and was discharged back into the community.

The report said that soon after she complained to the integrated mental health team and her landlord about young people pressuring her to buy them alcohol and cigarettes.

She also had problems with young people and adults using her house to drink and have sex.

In August 2013, Angela took to sleeping on a bench at times to avoid being at home.
The report stated: “There was growing evidence in 2014 that [Angela] was being targeted by young people and adults.

“{Angela] complained of individuals coming into her home uninvited who would use the house to take drugs and she told professionals that people were having sex in her home.”

The report said due to a lack of information sharing by agencies involved with Angela, the issues were dealt with at a local level instead of higher up.

It stated: “The accumulative impact of the incidents for [Angela], which were at a high level, was not appreciated or managed effectively within the adult safeguarding system.”

Angela had become dependent on alcohol following an unhappy and traumatic childhood.

She also had a diagnosed personality disorder.

Since 2012, it was estimated she had in excess of 1,000 recorded contacts with the mental health and alcohol services, ambulance, hospital and others.

There were 472 reported incidents to police including 219 made by Angela herself.

*In the video, Angela Wrightson is referred to as “Carol”. The two girls convicted of her murder are called by the pseudonyms Olivia and Yasmine.