One-way scheme

DRIVERS are being advised that a one-way system covering four streets in Hartlepool is to be introduced this week.

The system covers Arncliffe Gardens, Wansbeck Gardens, Eamont Gardens and Belmont Gardens and comes into force on Friday.

Vehicles will be allowed to travel only north-south along Belmont Gardens and Arncliffe Gardens and only south-north along Eamont Gardens and Wansbeck Gardens.

The one-way system is being introduced to improve the flow of traffic.

Peter Frost, Hartlepool Borough Council’s traffic and transport planning team leader, said: “The volume of parked vehicles in these streets can, at times, make it virtually impossible for drivers to pull in and allow others coming in the opposite direction to pass.

“On occasions, damage has also occurred to residents’ vehicles due to motorists getting too close to parked cars. We hope the one-way system will improve safety on these roads and make them easier to use.”

Residents have expressed concern over the current situation and when they were consulted on the proposed one-way system a total of 74 per cent of those who responded were in favour of the proposals.